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Red Carpet Events with Pizazz!

Red Carpet Entrance: Step into the world of Stardom!

The Red Carpet Event isn’t reserved just for Hollywood royalty – it’s your chance to make every guest feel like a star, even before they step through the doors.

Picture this: Your guests arriving in style, their every step bathed in the luxurious embrace of a vibrant red carpet, gold bollards and red velvet rope. It’s not just an entrance; it’s a Hollywood experience that sets the tone for an unforgettable experience.

Hiring a red carpet and gold bollards is a declaration that your event is not just an occasion – it’s a blockbuster in the making, ready to unfold in the most stylish and extravagant way imaginable. Get ready to roll out the red carpet and let the golden journey begin!


Red Carpet Hire: Elevate the VIP Experience

We have a package where you can also hire our glamorous 6-meter red carpet, designed to make your entrance truly unforgettable. This luxurious carpet, accompanied by gold and red velvet rope bollards, adds an air exclusivity to your event. The vibrant colors and plush textures create a stunning entrance and provides the perfect backdrop for the Fake Paparazzi experience.

We go the extra mile to make the Fake Paparazzi experience hassle-free for our clients. We also handle the setup and pack away. We ensure that the red carpet, along with the gold and red velvet rope bollards, is installed and removed seamlessly, allowing you to focus on the finer details of your event.

Red Carpet Experience with Hollywood Gossip Reporter: Ivana Babbleoff

No one knows the Red Carpet Better than Ivana Babbleoff – Queen of the Red Carpet. 

Hire Ivana Babbleoff, the irrepressible Hollywood gossip reporter,who  emerges on the red carpet like a burst of confetti, turning every event into a star-studded gala. With her flamboyant outfit and huge hair, Ivana treats everyone as if they were Hollywood royalty. Armed with an arsenal of quirky questions and a contagious enthusiasm, she transforms mundane moments into comedic gold.

Her interviews are a delightful cocktail of satire and admiration, creating an atmosphere where even the most serious stars find themselves breaking into laughter. Ivana Babbleoff is not just a gossip reporter; she’s a comedic maestro who turns the red carpet into a stage where everyone, regardless of their fame, becomes a headlining act in the grand spectacle of Hollywood.