Hire the Fake Paparazzi For your Event

Hire Fake Paparazzi

The 1940’s Fake Paparazzi Will Make Your Guests Feel Like STARS!

Want to make your guests feel like celebrities as they arrive to your event? Give your guests the treat of a life time and let them be the star of the show!  The Fake Paparazzi make your guests feel comfortable right from the get go and ensure they buzz with excitement even before they enter the event!

  •  When you hire our original Fake Paparazzi,  they create a sense of anticipation to your event with a lively and fun comedy act.  Perfect to get your guests in the mood for a great time ahead.
  • If you wanting to give your guests the A list  Hollywood star treament, why not add on our Red Carpet and gold bollards hire. Guaranteed to impress!
  • Our Fake Paparazzi act is a great ice-breaker for all events.
  • The Fake Paparazzi and fake photographers create a shared common experience for guests that don’t know each other to begin conversation.
  • The Paparazzi pretend to  take photos as guests arrive from the street entrance to the pre-dinner drinks area. A perfect way to make your your event POP from the beginning.
  • The Fake Paparazzi are dressed in costumes to suit your Hollywood theme. Or can  dress as the current L.A style Pap
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Fake Paparazzi Hire

How To Book The Fake Paparazzi For Your Event

Call Candice right now on 0407 802 348 and she will uncover the perfect Paparazzi package for your event. We also have Red Carpet hire and Gold Bollards too. Contact us or call 0407 802 348

Some Classic Fake Paparazzi Quotes

“Excuse me, can we have a photo?”.
“I’m from Rolling Stone, just one photo please”
“This dress is stunning. Who was your designer?”
“Is it true about you and George Clooney?”
“We’re hearing rumors of a sequel to your last movie…any inside info?”

Fake Paparazzi at Your Event

Roving entertainment provided by The Paparazzi is perfect for award nights and presentations like Red Carpet themes,  Hollywood theme parties and Oscars themed events. If you want to get your customers attention and keep it and your next PR event, hire fake paparazzi at your trade expo stand, product launch or client event. This act is perfect as roving entertainment and roaming entertainment too.

The 1940’s Paparazzi are trained actors and highly skilled entertainers, so you can rest assured knowing you are booking quality entertainers with experience at all event types and sizes around Australia.

The Paparazzi do not take actual photos. If you want photos taken, then we have professional photographers that we can hire who will take actual photos which are supplied to you online. Professional photographer call is 2 hours. These are priced as low res quality photos. ie. not used for print.

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Fake Paparazzi Bookings For Your Event

Call Candice on 0407 802 348 or Contact us via our website. Dont forget to check out our facebook page.

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